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Most Advance Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura, Delhi

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Best Digital Marketing Training course In Pitampura

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Training program:

Yourwebseo offers digital marketing training programs in various domains such as SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Management etc., giving students an opportunity to learn latest techniques in the field of digital marketing. With over 3500+ students trained and 15+ years of expertise in digital marketing, we can help you reach your goal of breaking into the industry by making you employable.


Yourwebseo is committed in making sure that your education is available for all at very reasonable cost. All our courses come at easy installments and we also offer student loans at 0% cost so that you can achieve your dreams without any hassle.

Live project training:

Fully online courses have their own set of disadvantages. They are often rigid and less interactive leading to a lack of interest among students. Yourwebseo's digital marketing courses are designed to give you a hands-on experience with live projects which will not only improve your practical skills but also provide you with a more holistic.

Syllabus: Digital Marketing Training in Pitampura,Delhi

Section 1: Marketing Principles (5 Modules)

  • Modern Marketing Principles
  • Understanding Business
  • Creating Buyers persona
  • A Marketer’s Look into the Customer’s Mind
  • Planning for Digital Marketing Campaign

Section 2: Keyword Research (4 Modules)

  • Finding Relevant Keywords
  • Keyword Tools
  • Keyword Difficulty Calculation
  • Keyword Mapping

Section 3: Introduction of Digital Marketing (8 Modules)

  • How Search Engine Works
  • Important Ranking Factors
  • Domain Name & Hosting
  • Dynamic vs Static Websites
  • Connect Domain & Hosting
  • Basic HTML For SEO
  • Understanding Control-Panel and FTP
  • What is SSL and Why it’s Important?

Section 4: Website Design & Architecture (5 Modules)

  • What is CMS?
  • Understanding WordPress & It’s Functionality
  • Install WordPress & Themes
  • Installing important Plugins and adding Call-to-Actions
  • Webmasters Tools & Analytic Setup

Section 5: Claim Your Identity (2 Module)

  • Creating Social Media Profiles
  • Creating Attractive Bio

Section 6: Search Engine Optimization (9 Modules)

  • SEO Introduction
  • Understanding Basic Terminology
  • Initial Site Analysis Keyword Mapping
  • Local, International & Mobile SEO
  • SEO Copy writing
  • Off-Page SEO Intro
  • Link Building Techniques
  • Black-Hat vs White Hat Techniques
  • Link Building Strategies

Section 7: Search Engine Tools (1 Modules)

  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner
  • UberSuggest
  • BuzzStream
  • SEO-Browser
  • Pingdom
  • MOZPro
  • SEMRush
  • Ahrefs
  • SpyFu
  • HootSuite

Section 8: Earning Online (5 Module)

  • Make Money with Blogging
  • Personal Branding/Influence Marketing
  • Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
  • Become Freelancer
  • Ecommerce Marketing & Drop Shipping

Section 9: Creatives/Content Creation (4 Modules)

  • Online Banner Design
  • Video Creation Basics
  • YouTube Marketing
  • E-book Publishing

Section 10: Social Media Marketing (5 Modules)

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing

Section 11: Interview Prep / Doubt Handling Session (2 Modules)

  • Resume Modification
  • Mock Interview

We have students are from

Most Advanced Digital Marketing Course In Pitampura, Delhi

Now, own your future by learning digital marketing skills with us.


Do you know?  Demand for online marketing experts is continuously growing because the world is going Digital. “By the year 2022 many companies around the globe and India will have an online presence with different career options with different job opportunities“.


Yourwebseo is one of the oldest ”Digital Marketing Institute in Pitampura, Delhi” Operating Since 2012.  YWS program is a Advance Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura. Total 60 Modules in this advance digital marketing course.


We at Yourwebseo Pitampura provide the best practical knowledge so that it can help and create an industry leader in you and grow as an expert in digital marketing to secure a good job in any company or to start your own business. We provide paid and unpaid Internship for 2 months. We do offer job placements depending on the student’s capabilities.


Remember, unlike others, we are not just Institute that provides Digital Marketing Training, we also provide ”Digital Marketing Services” to 100’s of companies around the world.  We know what skill you need to learn in order to stand out yourself from the competition.

Courses Available at Yourwebseo Digital Marketing Institute in Pitampura Delhi

Dropshipping Course

Dropshipping Course

Choose the right type of products to sell with the dropship model. Learn how to grow your dropship income and build an entire dropship domain. To earn passive income easily.

Best Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura

Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura

To become a successful digital marketer, you have to practice because practice makes Digital marketers perfect and that improves Digital Marketing Skills.

Dropshipping Course

Shopify Training Course

Now setting up an eCommerce website using Shopify is easy. Looking to becoming a full-time online entrepreneur then set up the ‘perfect’ website for dropshipping.

Dropshipping Course

Data Science Course

Planning to become a Data Scientist or Business Analyst. No technical background required. Learn Python, SQL, Tableau, and more from industry leaders and top faculty.

Dropshipping Course

Influencer Marketing Course

How to create and launch successful ideas and messages using images, animation, and graphics. This field is dedicated to communicating ideas by applying visual concepts.

Dropshipping Course

Graphic Design Course

How to create and launch a successful influencer marketing campaign. How influencer marketing works for brands, entrepreneurs, and influencers who want to get started.


Dropshipping Course

Affiliate Marketing Course

Learn how to put affiliate marketing to work for you. It is the process of earning a commission by promoting other company’s products. Who wants to get started.

Dropshipping Course

YouTube Marketing Course

How to create and launch a successful channel. You’ll learn how to create engaging videos, optimize for YouTube search. And boost your YouTube Channel.

Yourwebseo – Digital Marketing Institutes Pitampura Campus Life

What we learn with pleasure we never forget. – Alfred Mercier

Here at Yourwebseo Pitampura, We make it a Fun Learning Experience and Individual attention for better learning.

Why We are the best for Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura?

It’s not just a Digital Marketing Certificate Course it’s a Mentorship program.
After Completion of the Course, We Provide Lifetime 1-On-1 Support (On Every Saturday)

Jobs After Completing Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura. There Are Many Jobs Opportunities Available on Various Job Portals.

Scope of SEO/Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura

Demand for online marketing experts is continuously growing. Social Media and Digital marketing has changed the marketing world. These days consumer buying behavior is changing, they do research online to get information’s, on product/services they are looking for.

The companies are turning their business to online business. Let it be print media or electronic media, the well known traditional media’s are now turning them to online.

The newspaper is now e-paper through their website the media house is now on YouTube channel with live streaming. TV channels are also streaming their content through apps like HotStar, Voot, Ozee, and Sony live. So, to survive in the digital era it’s just not enough to depend on television or newspaper campaign.

Social media is changing the trending world of marketing and it’s also cheaper than the long-established media, it has batter audience control where we can target our audience precisely.

Digital Marketing has a great scope now and in coming years it is estimated that by the year 2022, every company in the world will be available online.

So, the competition will be tough to reach out to your customer audience, each and every business want to get higher ranking in search results. But in order to grow your business, you will require someone who is an expert in digital marketing who can guide you to develop an effective marketing strategy.

Hence, there will be an important role of Digital Marketing Person in every type of business who will connect in-between customer requirements of the product or services to generate more sales.

Why Choose Yourwebseo for Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura?

Let’s take a look at the facts that are based on Digital Marketing and Search Marketing career opportunities in 2021 the benefits of our Advance Digital Marketing Courses are:

  • This course is going to be very helpful in generating more leads and sales online.
  • After doing this course you can become an expert in Digital Marketing, you can earn big money by helping other businesses to grow online.
  • Wide range of career options to choose from, you can start your career as a digital marketing executive, social media manager, affiliate marketer, freelancer, social media influencer, and many more.
  • If you are a student then this professional course will add value to your resume.
  • If you are a businessman then you will be able to manage your in-house digital marketing team or if you are outsourcing your digital marketing task to an agency you can get things done in the right way.
  • Freelancer is a good business in its own sense, which can generate income from $200 to $1000 per month from a single client.


We Support Digital India Initiative

We at Yourwebseo Pitampura fully support the “Digital India” Initiative and We are working on expansion plans in the rural areas. Trying to figure out how we can upgrade their life by giving them the same level of Digital Marketing skills that only available for Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Banglore students at a very affordable cost.

We support both schemes and Initiatives. All the discounts we provide to the students will be given by us only. We are not taking any grant or aid from any Govt. or NGO.

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (BBBP) Awareness campaign of Govt. of India for girls in India.

“You educate a Man; You educate a Man. You educate a Woman; You educate a Generation.” Brigham Young .

We provide up to 30% scholarship to All female students Comes Under the following Categories:


  • Students belong to the BPL category (Below Poverty Line) BPL Certificate / Card copy required.
  • Two Offers Can’t be clubbed together.

Email Marketing is the most effective way to reach a multitude of targeted audiences at an extremely low cost. This technique has been around for years but it was not until Social Media came into play that email marketing became widely used and known as the best advertising method available, producing a high response rate in return. It’s also one of the easiest ways to gain customer trust so we’ve introduced an email marketing course just for you!

By the end of our email marketing training course, you will be able to successfully execute and send engaging emails with an impressive open rate. You’ll also have a thorough understanding of how social media integrates into your strategy as well as proven methods for analytics that boost ROI on every campaign.

Yourwebseo Digital Marketing Institute: Advance Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi – Complete Details about Fee & Modules

Interested in starting a career as an Digital Marketing Expert?

YourWebSEO provides the best digital marketing cours in Pitampura with cutting edge industry insights. Our Digital Marketing Course is designed by experts to help you understand different aspects of online advertising, promotion and strategy for client acquisition & retention- all essential tools needed to succeed at work today!

Yourwebseo is one of India’s leading providers of digital marketing training our faculty consists exclusively from companies like Google, Facebook etc. that have rich experience working directly on real projects applying their knowledge practically which makes us stand out among competitors who rather just teach theory without any practical understanding or background related to it .

We offer 100% placement assistance once your course finishes so even, if you flunk during classes don’t worry because

Yourwebseo is an excellent digital marketing institute that has the best digital marketing courses in Delhi.

Let’s discuss the Digital Marketing Course from Yourwebseo! The institute is a well-known name in Delhi and has been providing online courses to students for years. Let us find out more about them below:

Yourwebseo, which was established in 2012, focuses on digital marketing training and offers various diploma programs related to this field of study. They have recently introduced an advanced program called “Advance Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura, Delhi“. With over several decades of experience under their belt already, they are committed towards imparting quality education with hands-on practical learning experiences through expert instruction at every stage of your course – right from basic concepts such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Management (PPC) etc., all the way up

The Yourwebseo brand stands out in the crowd of digital marketing training courses, as we offer a method and style that help to achieve results. There are many Digital Marketing Courses available in Delhi-NCR region but our approach has helped us become trustworthy and reliable among them all.

Our digital marketing course covers every aspect of the field that is sought after by companies these days. The aspects our digital marketing training program cover are listed below:

The potential for businesses to use data in their favor has grown exponentially, meaning traditional advertising methods have lost some impact on consumers.
Digital channels such as search engines and social media provide businesses with opportunities to build loyal audiences who can then be targeted with relevant messages or offers. These platforms also allow marketers more flexibility when it comes to where they advertise—locations does not need to correspond directly with a brick-and-mortar store (for example). As consumer behavior continues changes and adapts over time, there will always be new challenges facing marketers; however staying ahead of trends allows us

Before beginning their journey to learn digital marketing courses, students need an estimate of the wide scope for this training course. Jumping into a Digital Marketing Course can be overwhelming for most people since it is so broad. This is why giving them an introduction before starting will make things easier on everyone involved. Amongst any other Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi, we stand out with our unique approach at easing beginners transition!

When studying at Yourwebseo digital marketing institute in Pitampura, Delhi, students should have a firm understanding of the course’s content for three to four months. We focus on covering all essential aspects of this field so that our audience will be equipped with marketable skills after completing their studies at Yourwebseo Digital Marketing Institute Delhi India.

The first part of the digital marketing course in Pitampura, Delhi introduces you to what will be covered, why it’s important, and who is best suited for this career path.

Our courses in Pitampura, Delhi can provide students with a strong foundation and platform for success! We offer one-on-one training sessions where we will help each student build their own website. Whether it be through WordPress or other platforms, our expert trainers are prepared to assist every step of the way!

In our digital marketing training course in Delhi, the first step to making a website is buying a domain. A domain is an address on the internet that people can use to reach specific websites just as they would any physical property with its own address.

In order for your business or project’s web presence to be viable and effective you’ll need both hosting services and also a good name attached to it – this being where we come into play! At Digital Marketing Institute in Pitampura, one of our main courses deals directly with domains: how they work technically speaking but more importantly from-the-ground up knowledge about picking out appropriate names given whatever purpose you have at hand whether it be personal blog or commercial enterprise etc.

Trainers at our digital marketing institute in Pitampura, Delhi help students understand the significance of each part of this process, including domain name selection before starting. Our Digital Marketing Training Courses in Delhi lays a key emphasis on making sure that you fully grasp how important every step is to turning your idea into reality.

Our Delhi based training course teaches you everything you need to know about website hosting. Here, you will learn how to purchase a domain, connect it to a server, and make your site live on the internet.


The Yourwebseo brand is reliable and trustworthy when it comes to digital marketing courses in the Delhi-NCR region. The various Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi tend to offer any number of ways to train, educate, and inspire students who are interested in learning about different areas related to digital marketing. Our training program focuses on covering exactly what key players in the industry look for out of potential employees or trusted partners, like SEO services for instance.

Yourwebseo has been training entrepreneurs for many years in the dynamic field of internet marketing. Our key areas of focus are search engine optimization, pay per click management, and redesigning existing websites to make them more effective at converting visitors into paying customers.

For anyone who is thinking about learning digital marketing course, there are a couple things you need to know. The first is that you will need determination. The second is that you might need to consider the cost. Third, you’ll also want to consider the amount of computer knowledge you already have. These things might sound discouraging, but if you’re going to learn digital marketing course, you’ll need to be aware of these things.

TIP: Take a look at this infographic on how to learn digital marketing course.

Our Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura Delhi covers all aspects of the field, including SEO. Our approach to teaching is derived from our founding practical-learning principle: students are not merely taught from a theoretical perspective (which is common among other courses). Every concept and every tool/technique has been given context so that it can be applied practically with real examples during Our Digital Marketing Training course in Delhi.

SEO is taught by experts at Yourwebseo Institute of Digital Marketing. Our alumni can attest to this because they remember the subject vividly after attending our courses in Delhi, India.

Talk may be cheap but our expertise in teaching SEO cannot be denied when you look at what past students have said about us online and offline on social media channels like Facebook or review websites such as Google Reviews etc., which are all prominently displayed for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Learn websites basics – Domain Name, Hosting and WordPress in Digital Marketing Course in Delhi & Pitampura

Learn websites basics – Domain Name, Hosting and WordPress in Digital Marketing Course in Delhi & Pitampura. Every website has a unique name which is called as Domain Names. Website hosting is basically the hosting of your website on a server from where the site can be viewed on internet.

WordPress CMS is an open source Content management system which can be managed by anyone without any special technical knowledge.

As you are well aware of the fact that digital marketing course in Delhi is a very popular course these days because people have started realizing its importance in today’s scenario. You will find many institutes offering the online training course for this particular field but online courses are not so interactive. For online courses, you have to study from your home and after completing the course you will be asked to sit at a particular time slot for practice and test your skills. In addition to all this, there is no proper guidance system in place for online courses which makes it very difficult for the students who are taking the course from their homes.

Learning To Buy a Domain in Our Digital Marketing Training Course.

In our digital marketing training course in Delhi & Pitampura, we have a different approach altogether. We offer you the online training with 100% interaction lectures and practice sessions which will help you learn everything on your own. Moreover, our trainers are highly educated and expert in their field who will guide you through all the learning process.

Domain or hosting:

When it comes to choosing a domain, you need to be very careful as there are many people who will try to exploit your ignorance and cheat you. If you do not wish to end up in any such situation then I would suggest that you consider buying a domain from Godaddy as they have good customer support service. If the total payment is 10 bucks then you can buy whatever domain name you want.

Once you have bought your domain, the next step is to choose a hosting plan for yourself. You should consider getting a business grade hosting plan because it will be very secure and more reliable than the other plans available in the market. All major web hosting companies like Godaddy, Hostinger, Hostgator, Bluehost etc. provide a business grade hosting plan at a very reasonable price which you can purchase from their website.

Once the domain and hosting are done i.e., once your site is hosted on a server, then it will be visible to everyone. WordPress enables you to make changes in the coding of your site as and when needed and it is this feature that makes WordPress CMS a great platform to use.

Learn about making an Ecommerce website in the Digital Marketing Course in Delhi & Pitampura

Mobile marketing courses in Pitampura with 100% assistance from our digital marketing professionals will give you good exposure as we make sure that all our students get ample chance to do practice and level up their digital marketing skills.

As we all know that online shopping is gaining immense popularity among customers these days and this has opened a huge opportunity for the ecommerce merchants to make good money by selling products online.The major benefits offered by an e-commerce website are trustworthiness, 24/7 availability, easy payment options and fast delivery.

To start an ecommerce store, you will first need to create a website where the customers can purchase the desired product and make payments through some secure payment gateway approved by the merchant company. Once your site is created, you need to add some products to your site so that your customers can shop from there on.

On-Page SEO Part of Our Digital Marketing Training Course in Delhi & Pitampura

The products should be of high quality because if the product is not up to the mark then you will receive negative reviews and this may lead to a huge loss for you. We at Digital Marketing Training Institute in Delhi / Pitampura, offer best digital marketing course with 100% placement assistance which gives our students good exposure.

While creating your website, you can use some of the themes designed by experienced people because it will save a lot of time and in this way, you will be able to launch your site in no time.

On-Page SEO is also very important for your site and we help our students learn such techniques in the digital marketing course so that they can add good keywords in their content.

After completing the SEO part, you need to focus on building the traffic of your website because if no one visits your site then even great products will not be able to generate good sales figures.

Learn Off-Page SEO – Part of Our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi & Pitampura

Off-Page SEO is the most effective way to generate website traffic because it helps people find you with ease. If your site doesn’t appear on top positions of search results, then you are missing out on a lot of potential customers who might have bought your products or services.

Learn Google Algorithm Updates in our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi, Pitampura for Success full Career

Google is the most popular search engine used nowadays and it has many features that attract digital marketers towards itself. Being on top of Google search results means obtaining good leads which can become your client base in no time.

Off-page SEO includes link building activities, social media activity, blog commenting, article submission etc. We make sure that our digital marketing course students learn all such SEO techniques to help your site get better rankings on Google.

Learn about Digital Marketing in digital marketing training courses in Delhi with 100% placement assistance from digital marketing professionals at the institute.

The digital marketers have been advised to not neglect the importance of social media as people these days have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Learn digital marketing certification courses in Delhi with 100% placement assistance from digital marketing experts at the digital marketing institute.

We have experts who can train you with all digital marketing tools and functions so that you can manage your digital activities properly and expand your client base by leaps and bounds. The digital marketers also need to do constant analysis of the digital marketing trends because that is what will help you increase your digital presence.

Learn digital marketing certification course at digital marketing training institute in Delhi with 100% placement assistance from digital marketing professionals at the digital marketing training center.

The digital marketers have been advised to not neglect the importance of social media as people these days have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Learn digital marketing certification courses in Delhi with 100% placement assistance from digital marketing experts at the digital marketing institute.

We have experts who can train you with all digital marketing tools and functions so that you can manage your digital activities properly and expand your client base by leaps and bounds. Learn Google Keyword Planner in digital marketing training in Delhi with 100% placement assistance from digital marketing professionals at the digital marketing institute.

Learn digital marketing certification courses in Delhi with 100% placement assistance from digital marketing experts at the digital marketing institute.

Learn Google Analytics in

digital marketing training in Delhi with 100% placement assistance from digital marketing professionals at the digital marketing institute.

The Google Analytics tool is used to track your website performance and collect data about visitors who are using it. If you know what kind of people visit your site, then you can modify it accordingly to make sure that they come back for more.

Google Search Console

is another popular tool that has been developed by Google. One must use it to keep track of any issues with your website and also submit sitemaps so that your site can be easily crawled by search engine bots.

Search Engine Marketing is another important aspect of Digital Marketing. These are the methods used to get your website advertised by the search engines so that people can find it when they are looking for specific keywords on Google, Bing etc. Learn about SEO in our digital marketing training course in Delhi with 100% placement assistance from digital marketing professionals at the institute.

Learn how to use various Digital Marketing tools in digital marketing training courses in Delhi with 100% placement assistance from digital marketing professionals at the institute.

Learn how to make Data driven decisions to maximize ROI on your channel investments Learn digital marketing certification courses in Delhi with 100% placement assistance from digital marketing experts at the institute.

Social Media in Our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

Social media is also one of the best ways to increase your online presence these days. If you manage it properly, then you can attract a huge number of potential customers who will go on to become your loyal fans. We have experts who can train you with all digital marketing tools and functions so that you can manage your digital activities properly and expand your client base by leaps and bounds.

Learn social media marketing in our digital marketing training course in Delhi with 100% placement assistance from digital marketing professionals at the institute.

Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to boost website organic traffic Learn digital marketing certification courses in Delhi with 100% placement assistance from digital marketing experts at the institute.

The internet is an ideal place to grow a business. With the right knowledge and information, one can make their small start-up into a full blown multi-million dollar company in no time at all! One way of doing this would be by using Pay Per Click advertising as it’s easy for people with any skill level to use on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter where you are targeting those prospective clients who may not have even heard your name before but now want what you’re selling because they found out about them through these advertisements. Not only does PPC marketing work well for businesses that need fresh customers constantly coming in, but also there are many opportunities within this field available so if someone wants more than just being behind a desk all.

Why should you enroll in our Google AdWords and PPC course?

We’ve got expert trainers who are experts in the industry. You can be assured of an informative session with instructor-led lessons, video tutorials, live screencasts that walks through a real campaign using your own account (no need to create one!), links to various resources for more detailed information on any topic we cover or tool from within our courses. The content updates regularly so there’s always new best practices available!

Online reputation management is important for any business, and this module will help you learn how to utilize analytical methods as well as practical strategies that allow you to understand the negative components on your website.

This module also teaches how branding can be used in order promote a positive outlook of one’s brand image.

Who should attend this training?

People who want to improve their company’s online reputation. Those in charge of the branding and marketing, digital team members responsible for social media engagement or managing SEO campaigns, PR & communications professionals tasked with handling brand sentiment on various platforms including Twitter and Facebook—even those at the C-suite level need a good grounding before they can face negative conversations head on without panicking!

Do you want to earn passive income from the comfort of your own home?

The professionals at Yourwebseo Pitampura have created a program that teaches trainees how. With this targeted marketing, it is possible for any business with an online presence to reach customers and increase sales through minimal effort – all without hiring new staff!

This course covers everything one needs in order to provide affiliate marketing services: banner ads, hyperlinks tied into product images or other promotional material, buttons…the list goes on.

Whether they’re looking for someone who can manage their social media campaign while they sleep (or run errands) or need more hands-on help building out their entire strategy team; there are opportunities available here.

Social media marketing module provided by us is a great way to develop skills in the trainees and build their brand image. It’s also sure that after completing desired SMO courses from Yourwebseo Institute of Digital Marketing, you will understand how it all works along with ways on using digital marketing for promoting your products or services extensively. Various methods are introduced during sessions which help improve reach among customers and prospects alike-helping businesses grow exponentially!

Social Media Management (SMO) Course at Yourwebseo Institute Of Digital Marketing can be an excellent opportunity for developing one’s social media management skills while building up company branding simultaneously. A number of modules have been designed as part this course wherein various tactics like understanding SEO basics, creating engaging content suitable to target audience

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important form of marketing for any business hoping to compete. It can be difficult and confusing, but the SEO training course in Delhi will help you learn all aspects of this critical field so that your company’s website stands out from competitors.

The experts at our course have been providing guidance on how best to optimize a site since 2005—we know what works!

With 360 degrees development and learning modules, students are given the opportunity to hone their skills across many areas including social media optimization, search engine evaluation tools & techniques as well as blogging techniques such as link building which may not even be part of one’s current job description yet provide additional opportunities when looking for employment after finishing up with us!

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve up ads that are targeted based on site contents and audience. These advertisements can generate revenue either per-click or per-impression basis, depending on what type you choose for your page.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ): Digital Marketing Training in Pitampura Delhi

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the way for marketing using digital channels to connect with your customer base to create brand awareness, sales and generate more leads for your business. Read-more about digital marketing

Digital marketing course  is the umbrella course, combination of many different course like social media marketing, influance marketing, content marketing and blogging, affiliate marketing, youtube marketing, search engine optimization cours etc.

Which is the best digital marketing course?

Most students are confused while selecting the best digital marketing course. Digital marketing courses and institutes are mushrooming from the last two to three years. Digital marketing courses are booming these days because there are so many opportunities available in marketing. Everyone is trying to take this opportunity to sell this course and earn more money, whether they have any practical knowledge or not. So many institutes and courses are floating around, it’s very difficult to find out the best digital marketing course. So, I am making this simple.

  • Check their social media profiles and see the engagement in their posts.
  • Check out the profiles of the trainer on social media and how much experience they have in the digital marketing field.
  • Find out the students on social media and try to get connected with them. I am sure most of the time you won’t find them on social media or sometimes you ‘ll find fake testimonials.

Decide if you want a teacher who trains you in digital marketing techniques and motivates you to achieve your goal or you want a lecturer who gives you lectures on digital marketing or shows you a presentation.

Yourwebseo Digital Marketing Institute Provide Training of Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura, Delhi.

How does digital marketing differ from traditional marketing?

Whether it’s traditional marketing or digital marketing our expectations and goals are common. In traditional marketing it’s expensive, targeting area is limited, difficult to major the results/Return of Investment (ROI) but in digital marketing no huge marketing budget requires can start with the small budget, pinpoint your targeted audience, major the results and scale the campaign if showing positive ROI. There is no geographical limitation you can reach out to your audience globally.

Which is the best digital marketing institute in Pitampura Delhi?

Are you looking for a leading institute for the digital marketing courses in Pitampura Delhi, You land at right place there are several reasons to join Yourwebseo here is the few click find out why we’re the best.

It’s a difficult question to answer which is the best digital marketing institute in Pitampura, Delhi. These days many institutes have started to provide training for Digital Marketing Course. Among which you have to select which is the best for you. First, to check their faculty experience, visit the center enroll for a free class in-between the batch hours after the class tries to interact with students ask their students about their current experience/feedback about that Institutes. Compare the price. Then compare the topics and modules of other Institutes. Are they covering, SEO, SEM, SMO, Email Marketing, E-commerce SEO, etc? Lastly, check their privacy policy and disclaimer pages which are hidden in the footer of the page. You will be surprised to find out the truth behind the “Guarantee” word they are using on their website 🙂

Why digital marketing is important for small business?

It’s important for small business because without investing a huge amount in traditional marketing they can start promoting their business with a small amount to run Adword / Facebook campaigns and scale them easily.

Is digital marketing a good career?

It is the best choices for both students and professionals from any professional background can make a career in digital marketing.

After completing the advance or master digital marketing course in Delhi, You are eligible to apply for these Jobs:

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Expert
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writer
  • YouTuber/Youtube Marketing Executive
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Blogger

How to use digital marketing to grow your business?

You can grow your business online by improving your search engine visibility by using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, Stay connected with your old and targeted audiences on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Generate qualified leads from Google Adwords or Facebook Advertisement Program.

Does digital marketing include social media?

Social Networks or Social Media is part of Digital Marketing.

Does digital marketing have scope in India?

Yes, scope of digital marketing is huge in India. By the year 2022 many companies in India will have an online presence with different career options with different job opportunities

How many certificates will I get after the completion of Digital Marketing Course?

Nowadays, many Institutes are claiming that they are providing more than 13 to 15 Certifications along with their own certification. It’s a marketing gimmick to get more inquiries from the website and for enrollments. But the fact and truth is no one can provide these Google certifications you will have to clear an exam. For example, let’s talk about Google/Bing accredited professional or Facebook Blueprint certification, you need to clear the online exams by yourself and it depends on the student’s capabilities. The institutes can only provide training and support your journey of Digital Marketing.

How to reach Yourwebseo- Digital Marketing Institute in Pitampura?

Delhi is a well connected with Roadways, Airport and Bus-stands.
Our Institute ” Yourwebseo-Digital Marketing Institute” is located at Pitampura, Delhi. There are different means to reach our Institute via Roadways from different places in Delhi.The distance from different points to Yourwebseo.

Enroll now in the advance digital marketing course in Pitampura to learn 100% Practical on Live Project, Freedom to work on your own project.

It will be an Online digital marketing course or Offline Digital Marketing Training in Pitampura?

Offline Physical Classes Also Available

Offline Digital Marketing Course and Online Digital Marketing Course booths available at YourwebSEO Digital Marketing Institute, Pitampura Delhi

Live interactive digital marketing training will be delivered to you through Zoom platform, where you will have the recording of all sessions so that you can go-though whenever you want to revise as per your own schedule.

The Most Advanced Digital Marketing Training Course In Pitampura Is Best for?

After graduation students who are looking for a job, professionals who want to switch their profession, for upskill.

Business Owners – who want to take advantage of digital marketing platforms to grow their business, or just for the knowledge so that they can check if their inhouse digital marketing employees or their agency are working in the right direction.

Who want to kickstart their career as Freelancer, Influencer, YouTuber and Blogger.

What is the duration of the digital marketing course in Pitampura?

Best Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura with 100% Placement.

Digital marketing course duration varies bewteen 3 months to 6 months. If you’re self motivated learner 3 months course is for you, otherwise 6 months full time intensive training course is required for rest of the students.

Where is the Internet Marketing Institute Located in Pitampura?

Yourwebseo Digital Marketing  training center is located in Gopal Heights 205, Second Floor, Netaji Subhash Place (NSP), Pitampura Delhi-110034

Our center in the middle of the fastest growing commercial hub and the hottest commercial destination of New Delhi

Nearest Metro Station Netaji Subhash Place is connected with Pink-line Metro and Red line metro.

All Available digital marketing courses in Pitampura and their fees structure are?

Fast Track Digital Marketing Course Fee: Rs. 12,000 (Duration 2 Months)

  • 3 Days in a week
  • Applicable only on early morning slots (between 8:30 am to 10:00 am)

Advance Digital Marketing Course Fee:  Rs. 25,000 (Duration 3 Months)

  • 3 Days in a Week

Master Digital Marketing Course Fee: Rs. 55,000 (Duration 6 Months)

  • 5 Days in a Week
  • Daily 4-6 Hours training and practice

More you practice, the more you’ll learn. Best digital marketing course available in Pitampura

What are the job opportunities available after doing this course?

If you have noticed everything around us is turning digital, no matter if it is a Television, currency, and businesses. Demand of skilled digital marketing professionals is increasing day by day. After doing course from Yourwebseo Digital Marketing Institute (Pitampura) Delhi, you can start your career by applying to these jobs such as:

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Social Media Marketing Executive
  • Analytic Manager
  • Marketing Manager

What is Difference between traditional marketing vs digital marketing?

Marketing is an essential activity for every business who wants to run a successful business online / offline. Traditional ways of doing marketing marketers use Print Media, Radio, Television and Holdings etc. to reach out to their target audience and deliver their brand message. Traditional media is not going anywhere, it is still very useful and important. But Digital marketing empowers marketers to reach out to their target audience more efficiently and measurable. So, we can scale our marketing campaign to get more qualified leads or sales.

Customer behaviour is changing, so marketers can’t neglect this change. We need to be visible in our brands where our customers are active.

Best Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura, Delhi with 100% Job Placement

You’re searching for the best digital marketing course in Pitampura location, Yourwebseo Digital Marketing Institute is best place to learn digital marketing and social media marketing skills. We’re providing you the opportunity to work on the real live project so that you can understand the real-time industry requirements and match them with your skills. We had experienced to work with different clients all over the globe, we know insides of everything.

You’ll learn Marketing Principles, Consumer Behaviour Analyzing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads/Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SEM), Online Reputation Management (ORM), Google Analytic, Affiliate Marketing, Video and Mobile Marketing etc.

We provide both online and online training. We do Guarantee for 100% Job Placement in our Master Digital Marketing Course.

Why Yourwebseo Digital Marketing Training Institute Near Pitampura Rohini is the best Option to Choose?

Yourwebseo Digital Marketing Institute provides a full time intensive digital marketing course, We are located at Netaji Subhash Place (NSP) in the heart of the Pitampura, Nearest Metro Station Netaji Subhash Place, Kohat Enclave Pitampura. Easy to commute If you’re residing in Rohini, Tarun Enclave, Shalimar Bagh, Ashok Vihar, Prashant Vihar and Keshav Puram by Road, Metro connectivity.

Why are we the best Digital Marketing training institute In Pitampura?

We have 15 years of industry expeience of working with world top notch companies. We are not depended hired faculties like other institutes. We do provide practical training so that you can work anywhere without any difficulty.

Being the best digital marketing institute, it’s our responsiblity to set banchmark for other institutes to make batter world around us. We’re the first Institute in India that provide lifetime 1-1 support. We also proud to announced that too, there is no such institute will offering Full time six month internship digital marketing course, where you will not only learn what to do, you’ll learn how to do it and how to adjust in corporate environment. So when you join real job you’ll confirtably adjust with the situation well.

Digital Marketing Courses in Netaji Subhash Place Pitampura Delhi

Demand for digital marketing course is increasing day by day. 

Digital marketing training offered by many institutes are at different prices, different timings and different training hours.

Mass number of companies have shifted from traditional methods of advertising to digital platforms. If you’re looking for best digital marketing training institutes in Netaji Subhash Place Pitampura, Delhi. Then here we call us now at 8595637910

Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Netaji Subhash Place Complex-Pitampura

Join yourwebseo’s digital marketing training course for a better future. Be the part of changing world and witness the scope of digital marketing.

Through Digital marketing brands can connect to a larger set of audience across the globe. So, why wait visit our Digital marketing training institutes in Netaji Subhash Place (NSP) Pitamprua, Delhi for learning digital marketing. Be the part of recent trends and learn different methods of online marketing for better reach.

Reasons to enroll at YWS Digital Marketing Training Institutes

If you’re looking to make a career in marketing. It’s time to learn digital marketing because digital marketing has started replacing traditional mean of marketing to digital platforms.

Our digital marketing institutes provide theoretical studies first and then practical learning this gives you hands-on experience of working for digital marketing field.

Digital marketing is providing platforms for brands to reach larger number of targeted audience in no time and with minimum investment etc. For every business it’s becoming important to be present online.

What is covered under Digital Marketing Course?

Our Digital marketing courses covers various aspects of marketing on the internet.  Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Social media marketing (SMM), Email marketing, Website analytics, Mobile marketing, Link building, etc.

Different types of Digital Marketing Courses and their fees?

Master digital marketing course, Certification course in digital marketing, Diploma course in digital marketing, Bachelor’s course in digital marketing, PGDBM course in digital marketing. Approximate Fees are 15, 000 to 45,000 or more.

Digital marketing training institutes are academic institutes that teach various aspects of digital marketing. Students and working professional of all ages can enrol for digital marketing training institutes near me.  

What is the eligibility for pursuing digital marketing course in Delhi?

Any graduate student or working professionals can pursue digital marketing courses.

Digital marketing institutes our weekend batches are mainly for working professionals. The timing are most flexible as per the requirements of the working professionals or job seeker.

Certificate after completion of the training program?

Yes, after the completion of digital marketing courses in Delhi.

Which are the most popular digital marketing courses in Delhi?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO Content Writing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMO), are among the most popular types of digital marketing courses.

What will you learn at an institute for digital marketing courses nearby?

You will be learning digital marketing skills step-by-step. The process of digital marketing starts with designing and managing a website. Then content writing to planning, form posting social media post to generating leads online, so that website can rank on the top search results etc.

What is digital marketing demo class?

Many digital marketing institutes offers a demo class.  This helps student or job seeker decide to pursue a course from the digital marketing institute nearby or not. No schema found.

Top Digital Marketing Courses near you in Netaji Subhash Place (NSP) Pitampura Delhi

At present the Top Digital Marketing Course in Netaji Subhash Place are: Advance Digital Marketing Course, Master Digital Marketing Course,  A Certification Course in Digital Marketing Diploma Course in Digital Marketing, Bachelor’s Course in Digital Marketing, and PGDBM Course in Digital Marketing

Yourwebseo Digital Marketing Institutes provides an all-in-one specialized digital marketing course. Digital marketing courses are for freshers, working professionals, entrepreneurs, and prospective employees.
Visit digital marketing training institutes in Netaji Subhash Place NSP Pitampura, Delhi to know more and for better scope in the digital marketing field.

What is an advanced digital marketing course?

The advanced digital marketing course focuses on covering the key concepts of digital marketing and advertising. One who is looking for digital strategies for their current organization or looking for career opportunities.

What is a Masters in Digital Marketing Course?

Masters in digital marketing courses are typically 6 months to two years long. Yourwebseo is the first Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi offering you 6 months full-time training in the digital marketing course in Netaji Subhash Place Pitampura.

Our Masters’s full-time digital marketing course offers you hands-on experience on live projects. You will be learning and then practicing for 2+6 hours (Monday to Friday). So that, you get ready for the implementation of digital marketing skills on a live project or any website that you want to work on or for any company.

No Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi is offering you this long hour of learning and practicals in Digital Marketing Course.

What is a Certification Course in Digital Marketing Diploma Course in Digital Marketing?

For Diploma in Digital Marketing Courses, the eligibility is graduation in any field. Diploma in Digital Marketing provides knowledge of various online marketing strategies to improve business performance let it be in any field.

What is Bachelor’s Course in Digital Marketing, and PGDBM Course in Digital Marketing?

For learning Digital Marketing the eligibility is graduation in any field.
Degree courses are available in Digital Marketing that ensure a good career for students which includes MBA in Digital Marketing, PG Diploma in Digital Marketing and BBA in Digital Marketing.

What are the best digital marketing certifications in Digital Marketing?

These are 18 of the best digital marketing certifications to take in 2021

  1. Yourwebseo Digital Marketing Certification
  2. Google Analytics IQ Certification
  3. Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification
  4. Google Ads Certification
  5. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
  6. Digital Garage: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification
  7. YouTube Certification
  8. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
  9. Facebook BluePrint Certification
  10. Stanford University’s Machine Learning Certification
  11. Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer
  12. Twitter Flight School Certification
  13. Bing Ads Certification
  14. BrainStation – Digital Marketing Certificate
  15. SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course
  16. The Unbounce Landing Page Course
  17. HubSpot Email Marketing Certification
  18. Market Motive Digital Marketing Certification Program

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura Delhi with Practical Training

If you are planning, to start your career in digital marketing, our Digital Marketing Specialization Course can help to bring out a digital marketing expert in you. Through our internet marketing course, you will be able to run a marketing campaign for any type of business and improve the performance of any website in search engines, you can convey to a higher ranking on search engine results.

In today’s, world every business is turning online and looking for a digital expert to improve website traffic, to generate more leads, increase sales revenue and brand awareness. To survive in this competitive world and to enhance your business experts guidance in the field of SEO is required. Our mission is to create courses that cover entire topics of electronic marketing!

Now, these days we are listening about Digital Marketing Course everywhere. Before that, we use to call it online marketing/internet marketing all these are the same. It’s just a fancy word, all we are trying is to get more relevant website traffic, generate leads and more sales. Digital marketing is the package of strategies which help the webmaster to achieve their marketing goals. Our Digital Marketing Course covers all the topic such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO) Pay per Click Optimization (PPC), Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, Reputation Management and Email Marketing.

Short note on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it’s a practice we are trying to optimize our website search engine and user point of view. To improve our position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that will help in getting more relevant traffic from Search. Search Engine Optimization plays an important role to get a better ranking in search engines result page for your desired keywords.

SEO marketing is a package of two main strategies called On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, which help internet marketers to improve website ranking to compete above the competitors. To get success in Digital World, it’s important to understand competitor analysis, analytics that help you understand your customer’s behavior.

Secure Your Career with a Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura, Delhi

As per our experience webmasters needs to focus on the content quality of a website, it’s very important because Google and other major search engines are now smarter and very strict with its ranking and with indexing policies. At present Google and major search engines are updating their algorithms regularly to get spammers out from SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).

15+ Years of Experience Trainers with Over 4,500 Students Already Trained in Advance Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura.

At Yourwebseo Pitampura Digital Marketing Course, we will focus on current best practices, which can provide the best results for your website for longer-period of time. Our aim here is to create courses that cover the entire topic that is most updated in the field of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura, Delhi

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