Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura

Yourwebseo is the first Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi. Which is providing you 6 Hours of Digital Marketing Training in a Day, 5 Days a Week for 6 Months, and it’s a Job-Oriented Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura.

Master Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura

Yourwebseo is the first Digital Marketing Institute providing you. Digital Marketing Course with 6 hours of training 5 days a week and for 6 months. So, that you can start shaping your Career with Our Master Digital Marketing Course with 60+ Modules.  

Digital marketing has changed the way of marketing. In today’s digital world it’s becoming important for all the business to shift their marketing plans to the digital platforms. Let it be a new startup or an old business to grow Digital marketing is required. So, learning a digital marketing course with 100% practicals is important.

Yourwebseo’s 6 months digital marketing course is providing you hands on experience on live projects. You will be learning and then practicing for 4 to 6 hours (Monday to Friday). No digital marketing institute in Delhi is offering you this long hour of learning and practicals in Digital Marketing Course.

This is the first Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura, which is offering you full-time training in Digital Marketing Program. Our digital marketing trainer will be with you in each step while your learning, while practicing  and while implementation of digital marketing skills on a project. Why wait visit us today!

You will be learning digital marketing skills from scratch. So,that you can start as digital marketing intern, or Social Media intern. Then become an Industrial leader and work as a Digital Marketing Manager,  or Social Media Manager (Community Manager), or eCommerce Manager, or CRM or Email Marketing Manager, or Analytics Manager, or PPC Search Manager, or Search Manager / SEO Manager. If you are good at writing then you can become an SEO content writer. Digital Marketing jobs are soon going to boom. So, get ready to be part of the booming digital world.


Master Digital Marketing Course

Yourwebseo is the first Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi. Which is providing you 6 Hours of Digital Marketing Training in a Day, 5 Days a Week for 6 Months, and it’s a Job-Oriented Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura.

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How much it costs for Digital Marketing Course?

Today, you will be learning the fact about the digital marketing course fee:

The cost of a Digital marketing course differs from institute to institute. By this time you must have noticed many Institutes are charging different costs for a digital marketing course.


  • If the Institutes is hiring the trainer then the cost of the trainer also will be included in the course.
  • The location of the institutes also increases the price automatically.
  • Digital marketing skills are in demand. So, let it be a highly reputed institute or newly established digital marketing institute. It’s just simple where the demand increase for anything their price increases automatically.
  • If the institute is providing an experienced trainer for teaching then they charge high fees because keeping an experienced trainer increases the cost of the institute.
  • Experience matter a lot. So, if the institute is providing an experienced digital marketing trainer then the value of the institute increases and also the cost of the course.
  • Many institutes are also providing their own laptop for practicing. With that other services like wifi and sitting facilities for practicing and many other services, this also increases the cost of digital marketing course.
  • Many institutes are not providing laptops but providing you services like wifi and sitting facilities for practicing and many other services this also increases the cost of digital marketing courses.

What do you think about unpaid Internship jobs in Digital Marketing? 


In very clear words. If you think why to work for free or take up an unpaid social media internship or digital marketing internship. Then to bring in your notice is this you’re already been paid. Read below points:

  • The company that is going to hire you as an intern is going to trust you and your work.
  • You will be allowed to work with an experienced team. Whereas you will learn how to work in a team, how to work under high pressure and how to attain a meeting etc.
  • The company is going to give their time and space.
  • The company is going to give you space to sit and work you will be providing a seat, computer or laptop, internet and you will be gettting work experience.
  • You will learn how to communicate through emails, or by call with clients.
  • Trusting you. The company will hand over confidencal documents, website details, social media profiles logins, etc.

Now think and understand how much experience are you going to learn and earn.  It’s just that you’re going to earn experience. Sometimes it’s important to earn experience, not money. A day will come soon whereas you will start earning too. So, look for the best.


What is the Scope of Digital Marketing in India?

Hereby, just going to show you the mirror. That you have already witnessed for better understanding and knowing the scope of digital marketing.

In today’s world, many businesses are taking their first step to forwards digital platforms to make their business grow digitally or online. The growth of digital marketing is an upward trend at present and going to be the future. The sudden growth in digital marketing that you have witnessed today. Is because businesses have started shifting to digital platforms. One of the reasons for the sudden change in marketing is covid 19.

You must have witnessed and faced the first lockdown.

  • The drastic change just took place in the world of marketing.
  • Many businesses went into loss, many had to bear losses because they were not having online presents.
  • But many businesses earned benefits too.
  • Whereas people started searching their essential things online.
  • Then, the education sector took a drastic change by providing online classes.
  • Office work shifted to work from home.

You must have also witnessed and faced the second lockdown.

  • And here you might have noticed business shifted to online.
  • You might have noticed an in-store taking place online.
  • The education sector changes update from offline to Online classes.
  • Our present and future generation are already part of the digital world.
  • So, the future of digital marketing is secure and bright.

Today, Digital Marketing has supported many companies to reach their potential customers and promoting their products online platform to increase traffic. Many businesses are shifting to digital marketing. It is estimated that more than 90% of businesses will go digital.

This will increase more job opportunities in the future for digital marketers. Digital Marketing is just growing like never before. Digital marketers are in demand and the demand for digital marketing courses is booming up.

How long is the Course of Digital Marketing?

It depends on the institute’s modules and their teaching. Even sometimes it depends on the student’s grabbing power. If you’re a smart learner then you will be partially implementing digital marketing skills on a project.

You must be knowing the famous saying “Practice makes a man perfect” While learning Digital Marketing Course you need practice. In the marketing field, you learn something new every day. So, you need to be smart and be active too. Because we don’t know what new changes take place in our economy and what new steps shall be taken by marketers. To hold our business in the competitive market we need to be ready and be prepared all the time.

Is it worth taking a Course in Digital Marketing?

Yes, it’s worth learning digital marketing. As it’s a digital world one should be aware of digital marketing. These days if you notice in and around your family or friends anyone might be running their business or working in the field of digital marketing.

Let it be you’re a student or planning to start your business or looking for a job in the field of marketing you need knowledge of digital marketing. 

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What steps to take after doing Digital Marketing to build a career?

⦁ During the course, your very step is to be active. And make sure to implement what you learn in the classroom.
⦁ After completing the course you need to create your LinkedIn profile and connect with people you know and grow your profile.
⦁ Then take up an internship whether it’s paid or unpaid. You need to focus on getting experience in the digital field. So, that it helps you get a job.
⦁ Take up an internship. Due to covid many companies, these days are looking for interns but they are not ready to pay. But if you need experience then it’s a good option for you. In today’s world getting work experience is very important to grow your career. 

Which is the best Digital Marketing Course?

Yourwebseo is the best for the digital marketing course. Our digital marketing course is just not a course it’s also a mentorship program. If you want to work or start your own business. Our digital marketing course can support you. 

While learning digital marketing you will also be working on Live projects and Yourwebseo believes in practical teaching and without practical learning, you will not be able to learn digital marketing skills. You will be under our trainer during the course in the classroom.

While learning digital marketing you will also be implementing requreid digital marketing skills on live projects by yourself. So, that you are self-motivated confident to apply and implement the right digital skills.


Digital Marketing Course in Kathmandu

What are the best career options in the Digital Marketing Field?

There are almost Top 12 Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing in todays trending marketing world:

  1. Digital Marketing Manager
  2. Digital Marketing Marketer
  3. Search Engine Optimizer
  4. Social Media Marketer
  5. Search Engine Marketer
  6. Content Marketer
  7. SEO Content Writer
  8. Email Marketer Specialist
  9. Search Engine Marketer
  10. Data Analysts
  11. Virtual Reality Developer
  12. DM and YouTube Marketer 

What is the duration of the Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura?

Yourwebseo’s Digital Marketing Course duration varies between 3 months to 6 months. If you’re a self-motivated learner then 3 months course is for you. If not then 6 months full-time intensive training course is for you.

1. Master Digital Marketing Course
Fee: Rs. 56,000
Duration: 6 Months
5 Days in a Week, Daily 4-6 Hours of training and practice. The more you practice, the more you’ll learn.

2. Advance Digital Marketing Course
⦁ Fee: Rs. 25,000
⦁ Duration : 3 Months
3 Days in a week: Applicable only early morning slots (between 8:30 am to 10:00 am)

3. Fast Track Digital Marketing Course
⦁ Fee: Rs. 12,000
⦁ Duration: 2 Months
3 Days in a week: The slots are Booked till 30 November 2021

What is the price of a Digital Marketing Course?

There is no fixed price for a digital marketing course. It depends upon institute to institutes. I have answered in the above content. How much it costs for Digital Marketing Course

Is it offline Digital Marketing Training in Pitampura?

Offline Digital Marketing Course and Online Digital Marketing Course YourwebSEO provide both types of Digital Marketing courses in Pitampura Delhi.

Is it an online Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura?

Online Digital Marketing Course or Offline Digital Marketing Course both are available at YourwebSEO Digital Marketing Institute, Pitampura Delhi. Whereas live interactive digital marketing training will be delivered to you through Zoom platform. It’s going to be live classes and you will be shared the recording of all sessions. So, that you can watch the digital marketing training sessions whenever you want to go through as per your own schedule.

Advanced Digital Marketing Training Course in Pitampura, is best for?

  • After graduation students who are looking for a job, or professionals who want to switch their profession. Can learn and take up the Advanced Digital Marketing Training to upset their skills.
  • Even New startups or Business Owners can take up the advantage of digital marketing courses to grow their business. So, that they are aware of digital marketing and ask in-house digital marketing employees or their agency to work for them in the right direction.
  • Even Freelancers, Influencer, YouTubers, and Bloggers can take up the digital marketing course to grow themself.

Where is the Internet Marketing Institute located in Pitampura?

Yourwebseo Digital Marketing training center is located in Gopal Heights 205, Second Floor, Netaji Subhash Place (NSP), Pitampura Delhi-110034

Our center is in the middle of the fastest-growing commercial hub and the hottest commercial destination in New Delhi.

  • The nearest Metro Station is Netaji Subhash Place. Which is connected with Pink-line Metro Station and Red line metro station.
  • Bus stop Wazirpur Depot or
  • Bus Stop Netaji Subhash Place (NSP)
Digital Marketing Course in Pitampura, Delhi

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