I guess you must be aware of SEO because these days everyone talking about search engine optimization (SEO).

As per my experience, at present search engine optimization is the most demanding skill that you need to learn and implement.

Do you know, the common issue faced by many SEO learns is where to start and check keyword density, internal linking, content optimization, backlink, Co-citation and trust rank. Here is where you need enough time to understand these tasks.

You might be a marketer or business owner. But if you want to generate more quality traffic to your website via a search engine. There is no mantra to do this, you need to invest your time and money to get the results. I understand that you might have plenty of other important tasks rather than spending time on learning things to grow your skills.

So, here I am with easy steps where you can follow these steps to start getting results or leads for your business to grow.

  1. Target those who are searching for your products and services

It’s very difficult to get top ranking in general and high traffic search terms. But you can easily rank your brand-related search terms.

Why Brand Related Search?

Brand related search terms are helpful when your customers are searching for your brand in search engines. They might have heard about your brand from someone, they might be your old customers or many are lost your contacts. The good news is you can bring those important customers back to your website.

2. Do Keyword Research –

What is a keyword?

Keywords are the set of words used by the users to find out what they are trying to find out on the internet in search engines.

What is Keyword Research?

Webmasters/marketers try to find out how people are trying to find out their products or services on the internet. I must say this is the most important and difficult job for webmasters/marketers.

Why are keywords important?

The keyword is important because it’s the bridge between two of your potential customers and the services you provide to them. It’s a win-win situation if you know how your customers are finding you on the internet and your brand presence over there. If you pick the wrong keyword then you might get traffic, but you will not get any conversion form it.

Choose long-tail keywords. If you don’t know what is longtail keywords are.?

Then here I am, longtail keywords are more than two or three words long, more descriptive and detailed one.

For example, you are searching for “second-hand cars in Delhi price 50,000” So, this is a longtail keyword.

Longtail keywords are less competitive, low search volume, but high in conversion.

For example, if you are targeting the “buy cars” keyword. You will receive plenty of traffic but less conversion because searchers’ intent may be different than your offering.

May be your customers might be searching for old cars, buy car toys or buy car games online. For targeting the right customer. The keyword is the most important and it is the most important topic to learn. The keyword which gives you the conversion is important because at the end conversion matters a lot. Let me tell you, the wrong keywords will cost you a loss of money and time, shared a few common mistakes that you should avoid.

Most Common mistake while doing keyword research #1

Picking the wrong keywords – most of the time we chaise high traffic keywords instead of longtail keywords that converts.

Most Common mistake while doing keyword research #2

While picking a keyword we ignoring competition where we end up with the difficult task in hand. So, make sure you need to be realistic while picking up the competitor. In the beginning, we need to pick the easy one first then slowly and gradually move towards the difficult one step by step.

Keyword Research Tools

Here, I am sharing with you a list of Free Keyword Research Tools and Paid Keyword Research Tools. Which will help you understand better about the Tools

Free Keyword Research Tools

Google AdWords Keyword Planner – here you will require AdWords account to use
Bing Keyword Research – Signup to Bing Webmaster
Google Trends – this will help you to find out trending keywords over the period of time in a particular geography

Keywords.io – freemium keyword finding tools to find out popular search terms over different popular platforms like Google, Bing, Amazon, Yandex, etc.

Paid Keyword Research Tools

Semrush –  It’s a paid SEO tool for Keyword Research
KWFinder –
it’s a freemium tool
Ahrefs –
7 days trial at $ 7 only
LongTailPro –
Helps you to generate longtail keywords lists
Helps you to find advanced KW insights like mobile vs desktop stats, etc.
Keywords everywhere-
Browser-based plugin you will get similar/related keywords you type in search engine and show you the metrics.

  1. Optimize Meta Tags

What are meta tags?

Meta tags are used in HTML/XHTML language to structure the metadata. In SEO Meta Title and Description, Tags are more important. Not because it’s important for the web crawler, this information will be displayed in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) results to the users.

What is title-Tag?

The title tag is the title of a webpage. This is the second most important ranking factor, which we should never ignore.

<title>This would normally appear in the browser’s title bar</title>

Why Meta tags are important?

Title tags should have Keywords on it in a descriptive way. So, the user can have an idea about the webpage after reading the title. It’s important to use KW in the title along with some call to action to improve CTR that indirectly affects your SEO ranking in SERP.

<meta name="description" content="This is an example of a meta description.">


  1. Improve the above the fold section of your webpage

This is the most important area of your web property. You need to put your best in this area. Add your credentials, USP, compelling heading and call to action at this place. I had noticed most people not utilize this price space of their webpages.

above the fold

  1. Creating High-Quality Content

In 1996 Bill Gates made prediction “content is king“, it’s still relevant in 2020 as well.

Why Content is so important for Search Engines?

Google will be happy when its users find the best possible results that who is trying to find out what he is looking for.

For example, if your trying to find out “second-hand swift cars in Delhi” google make sure to come up with the best result to show you second-hand swift cars Delhi with related results only, where you will not find wrong results.

Quality of Content– When I am talking about the content, it doesn’t mean that only text content, where it includes Audio, Video, Pictures, and Text contents. Content should be Grammarly correct and it’s should be original content. These are the basics thing you need to consider while producing content for your website. It’s should not be copied from others.

Creating great content is not an easy task. You need to work very hard to create such content. In simple words, you need to create and become a master of the subject and a good teacher.

you can read other’s content – improve it further and elaborate, improve and add additional value to it.

you can have your own idea to create new content.

  • Create Compelling Heading  H1 + Add Unique Selling Point (USP)
  • Subheading- It’s less powerful than H1 headings. But still important to use of H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6
  • Write Content in Small Paragraphs- 100-200 words long.
  • The Sentence Size – should be 20-25 words long.
  • Write in Humanize Language – think about the majority of people when you create content for the web keep this thing in mind you are writing for the mass majority of people.

For example: When Shashi Tharoor tweets of speak something in English, whole India search for new words in dictionaries. So, use simple words.

  • Bullet Points – helps you to create easy consume content for your users. But don’t overuse bullet points.
  • Write long in-depth content– its study conducted by SERP-IQ that reveals above 2400 words content ranked 1st position in search results. But remember content quality matters more than quantity.
  • Fresh Content– adding fresh content will improve your ranking. Adding new blogs or adding new updates to your existing content will help.fresh content
  • Image Optimization– Optimize images that will help you to generate more traffic from images search. Use descriptive names and add alt= tags and optimize the file size.alt text example
  • Website Speed – This is indirectly affecting your website ranking. The use of mobile phones increased and most of the time you don’t have Wi-Fi available. Mobile Data connectivity in India not that great. So, it’s important to have a lightning-fast website. A recent study revealed an attention time in Young people is reduced to 3-5 seconds. If the website not loading between 2-5 secs. Most of the visitors will bounce back to other results.
      1. Optimize the website code
      2. Choose the right server location and reliable hosting providers
  • Don’t afraid to use keywords: Add keywords in your content, but not overuse.
  • Internal Linking– Check Wikipedia website how connected each piece of content with others. Internal backlinking is also important.
  • Schema.org – It’s important if you structure your data. So that search engines can easily understand your content. Show the important information to the user who is trying to find that information.Organization of Schemas

6. Website Architecture

User Interface (UI) – Fast, secure, and mobile-friendly website.

User Experience (UX) – Remember the 3 click rule. All-important content of your website should be only three clicks away.