Technical SEO Audit is the process to check the technical aspect of the website. We need to check the health of a website and find out the fix to improve the performance.


  • Basic Preparation
  • Date of Audit
  • Domain Name
  • Brand Name
  • Location of the Server
  • How is the website currently generating leads?
  • Does the website regularly produce content? Y/N
  • The email address of domain owner

Traffic analysis:

Check search volume

  • Look at recent search volume
  • Look at historical search volume

What is the current organic search traffic monthly?

What direction is the search volume trending?

  • Positive
  • Neutral
  • Negative

Check keywords

  • What is the current top organic keyword?
  • What is the current second-highest-ranking organic keyword?
  • What is the current third highest-ranking organic keyword?

Check competitor traffic

There are a lot of free and paid tools available to view keyword ranking and competitor traffic for an SEO audit, but we’re sticking with SERMRush for the convenience of having a free tool that offers a variety of different analysis options that we can tweak to get a good look at the overall performance of a domain’s SEO

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) presence:

Check Page Ranking

  • Search all major search engines for your brand name
  • For which search engines did the domain appear as the first result?
  • How many pages appear in the results for a root domain search?
  • Are there any links to the domain on the first page of results for a brand search?
  • Provide additional observations on-page ranking

Check for SERP features

  1. Rich Snippets
  2. Paid Results
  3. Universal Results
  4. Knowledge Graphs

What SERP features appeared for the brand name search?

  • Paragraph (Featured Snippet)
  • Bulleted list (Featured Snippet)
  • Numbered list (Featured Snippet)
  • Table (Featured Snippet)
  • Video (Featured Snippet)
  • Rich Snippet
  • Rich Card
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Knowledge Panel
  • Local Pack
  • Image Pack
  • Site Links
  • Twitter
  • News Box
  • Adwords Top (paid)
  • Adwords Bottom (paid)

Are any of the search listings negatively affecting the brand’s reputation?

  • There are negative listings / There are no negative listings

Check robots.txt

  • Check that robots.txt exists
  • Check that robots.txt is not blocking any content it shouldn’t be
  • Check that robots.txt does not contain information that could be exploited

Check the domain has HTTPS security encryption

  • Does the domain have HTTPS encryption?

    • HTTPS encryption is active
    • HTTPS encryption is not active
  • Set up HTTPS security encryption

    • Acquire an SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address
    • Install and properly configure the SSL certificate on your web server machine

Check canonical legitimacy

Make the following checks and confirm them by marking the sub-tasks and completing the form fields below.

  • Check http://domain.com for canonical tags
  • Check https://domain.com for canonical tags
  • Check http://www.domain.com for canonical tags
  • Check https://www.domain.com for canonical tags
  • Check http://domain.com/index.htm for canonical tags
  • Check https://domain.com/index.htm for canonical tags
  • Check http://domain.com/index.html for canonical tags
  • Check https://domain.com/index.html for canonical tags
  • Check http://domain.com/index.php for canonical tags
  • Check https://domain.com/index.php for canonical tags
  • Make sure all canonical tags point to the same URL

Screaming Frog:

  • Check link health
  • Verify internal links


  • Make sure there is only one H1 tag on the page
  • Make sure the H1 tag contains the page’s keyword
  • Make sure all of the images on the page have correctly formatted alt text
  • Make sure there is no hidden content on the page


  • Check Ahrefs Rank
  • Check backlinks
  • Compare against competitors

Social media:

Evaluate your brand’s social media presence

  • Search all primary search engines for “brand name” + “Facebook”
  • Search all primary search engines for “brand name” + “twitter”
  • Search all primary search engines for “brand name” + “Linkedin”
  • Search all primary search engines for “brand name” + “Reddit”
  • Search all primary search engines for “brand name” + “Instagram”

Which social media searches yielded relevant profiles?

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit

Are all social media profiles complete and updated?

  • Complete and updated
  • Incomplete or outdated

Is new content being published regularly on social media pages?

  • New content is posted regularly
  • New content is not posted regularly

Does there seem to be much social interaction with the content (comments, likes, shares, etc.)?

  • A high degree of social interaction
  • Some social interaction
  • Little to no social interaction