Search Engine is also called an Internet search engine. It’s a software system. If you’re looking for any information and you type in the search box. You will get particular information from the World Wide Web in a systematic way on the Google page result.  Search engines have 3 basic functions.

Search engines three basic functionalities are:

  1. Crawling – the websites and documents over internets
  2. Indexing – storing them in their servers for later results retrieval
  3. Ranking – ranking them according to various ranking factors which is the part of the Google ranking algorithm.

Crawling –

  • Search engines organize their crawlers to discover new documents over the internet.
  • Crawlers are software or robot design to find content over the internet like images, web documents, doc, PDF, videos, etc. by visiting the links.
  • Crawlers travel to the internet by jumping links to another link. That’s why we also called them spiders.
  • Crawlers crawling frequency depends on the popularity of the website how frequently they found new content on your website. Less popular websites get a low frequency of crawling.
  • But you can still submit your site map to Web Search Console. If you don’t know about what sitemap is. A sitemap is a list of links to your all webpage’s. The search console will also let you know the other crawling errors on your website.

Most common crawling errors are:

Accessibility issues, Structural issues, Too many redirections of URL and Server issues.

Indexing –

  • Search engines store the content they found in crawling in their huge data centers for later results retrieval. When you enter a keyword or phrases, search engine looking at its pre-stored data and provide quick results to the users.
  • If you want to block a few pages from the search results you can block crawlers by restricting them by uploading a robots.txt file with Disallow command.

Example:-  This is the Robots.txt of very popular news websites. They are restricting the crawler to enter a few directories.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /images/ndtvvideo/*
Disallow: /news/redirect/*
Disallow: /news/feeds/*

Create your own and save this text file to the root directory of your website.


  • Search engines look to satisfy their users by providing quality and accurate results to their searchers. If results not satisfying to their users they might switch to other search engines.
  • Search engines use a ranking algorithm to assign a score to the pages and documents. So, more the score high in the ranking.
  • The algorithm is the set of rules to determine the quality of web documents. These algorithms keep changing from time to time by search engines to improve the search results.

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