Do you know these Businesses are not affected by Corona Crisis?

1. Healthcare & Pharma – Mask, and Sanitizer
2. Grocery – Toilet paper
3. Online Streaming/Video Conferencing Platform – Zoom, WebEx, etc.
4. Gaming/eSports
5. Entertainment/News
6. Vloggers/YouTubers
7. Affiliate Programs
8. Home & Garden

Right now these are some very uncertain times in the world. They are thinking about what they can do right now to ensure that their business doesn’t sink.

Learn YouTube Training Course with Affiliate Marketing

This is where you have to start thinking differently. The right time to think about having passive income from Youtube/affiliate marketing. It may take some time to grow your channel and this can be your future savior.

Learn Digital Marketing for Busines

Instead of just selling website development, sell the solution of getting online? There are many businesses right now that don’t have an online presence. We provide training and assistance to those who willing to start an online business.

A Tuition Instructor approached me on a call asking for a solution on how to save my business right now. So, I gave a solution to him you can conduct online classes. He is learning how to broadcast his classes from Yourwebseo.

When the world Zig you have to Zag, start thinking differently. This time is more about, how I can help my fellow man.

Hope this helps.

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